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When people face tax problems, they can often feel overwhelmed and helpless. Whether you have failed to file returns, are facing fines or levies, have been notified that a tax return is being audited or that you are being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service, it is easy to think that there is no way out. However, it is important to realize that you have rights and legal options available to help you resolve your tax issues. Regardless of how sizable your tax problem may be, as an experienced tax attorney who began my career as an IRS Special Agent, I can help you obtain the best possible result for your specific circumstances.

An Experienced Tax Lawyer Who Is A Former IRS Special Agent

I am attorney Burton Roth. I help clients address a wide range of tax problems before the    Internal Revenue Service and the Michigan Department of Treasury. I have more than 35 years of legal experience and 13 years as an Agent with the IRS Intelligence Division (now Criminal Investigation Division). My years of government service and legal experience representing taxpayers have provided me with an intimate understanding of the IRS and state taxing agencies. Most of my clients' tax issues are resolved at the agency level without court involvement.

My objective is to resolve your problem quietly, efficiency, economically and with as little government interference in your life as possible.

Detroit IRS Defense Attorney Serving Clients Throughout Michigan And The United States

Fear often keeps people from seeking help with their tax problems. When a tax problem arises, never let fear take control. Do not ignore the problem as it will not fade away and be forgotten. Further, do not try to resolve it yourself. Instead, seek help from a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate tax attorney. I am familiar with all phases and types of tax problems and how they can be resolved. I understand what the government is looking for and what you are going through emotionally.

I am very experienced, work full time and am always available to take my clients' calls or return them promptly if I am not available.

Contact my law office at 248-671-4520 for a confidential consultation. As a Michigan tax attorney, I can help you get through your problems and ensure that your rights are protected.